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Gerard Gentil has an amazing instinct and ability to get the very best out of any actor he works with. He does not settle for anything other than perfection in the clips he works on. His enthusiasm for the work and many years of experience and knowledge, inspires the actor, making them feel comfortable to deliver
incredible on camera material, that will leave a lasting impression on any Casting Director or Agent. I cannot recommend Gerard highly enough to any New York actor out there who is either not happy with his/her current reel or is looking for their first one. If you are one of those actors, quite simply Gerard Gentil is your man. The man to go to!

Ed Malone (Actor)


"Working with Gerard was wonderful, as an actress I felt safe in the creative
environment he provided and excited every minute of the process. He helped me bring my ideas to life and understood and respected how I wanted to be perceived. I was extremely impressed with the quality of his equipment and how
he can accomplish any shot or idea with such cleverness. I truly admire Gerard and feel honored to have worked with him. He is not only talented and professional but truly delightful. Would work with him again in a heartbeat.

Alexandra Manea (Actor)


Gerard is all about creativity and quality. He'll help you do just about everything,
starting with writing a great script and choosing the right location, then at the shoot he'll get the coverage you need and make it look fantastic, and in the edit he'll make the final product just right. He's fun and positive to work with every stepof the way. Call him now. He's marvelous.

Hope Singsen (Actor)


Building an Actor's Reel

For every industry and job, people need to see what one is capable of and their
specific talents. This is especially true in the entertainment industry. With this in mind, what better way to market one's self then to put themselves out for the public to see. An actor can show off their capabilities and their craft by giving a casting director a first hand look at their work within a scene. This is the tool that Gerard Gentil builds for aspiring actors. While many stage productions and videos may show a certain degree of an actor's ability on stage, Gerard can capture this skill through film. The use of continuity with editing sets up a real scene and makes it easier for a casting director to engage, and see precisely what the actor could do in a film. Gerard will meet with you and go over what it is exactly you would like to capture. Whether a stage script, or a scene from a favorite show or film, you are able to demonstrate your hope, and work with him to portray what is best. I highly encourage young actors looking for work to invest in this tool. Not only can it help you understand the process of actually participating in a scene and the technique, but it will add to any resume material and make an actor even more marketable. Keep in mind that when casting directors only have a head shot and a resume, they aren't able to catch what an actor can "truly" do…
Gerard's extreme knowledge and experience will help you capture the very best of your ability.

Krystin Goodwin (Actor)


Gerard is a true professional.  He knows what it takes to create the highest quality
reel and will take the time with you to cover every facet of production with complete knowledge to ensure you get the best product possible. Treating your clip as a short film, it gives his passion and joy for his craft a way to be expressed fully in all facets of filmmaking, including a keen directorial eye.  He thoroughly prepares to give the actor space on the day of shooting to relax into their craft.
Thank you Gerard! I am so pleased with the result!

Lee Barton (Actor)


Gerard is extremely detail-oriented and considers all aspects when creating a reel for an actor. From the beginning he worked with me diligently to make a high-quality reel. His expert advice and direction during every step made the process enjoyable and assured me that I was in good hands. Most importantly working with Gerard is a collaboration. He is someone who cares about the actors he works with and the quality of the work they create together. The result is that I now have great footage for my reel! Thank you Gerard.

Ali Stover (Actor)


Gerard is a very talented director who works with you one on one to help you develop a concept and reel that is a true reflection of you. This process gave me a clip I feel comfortable using and as an actor that is PRICELESS.

Keisha Zollar (Actor)


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