When I discovered that most casting directors, agents and managers want to see the actors work instantly on their computer, I realized that a video clip had become an even better promotional tool than a Headshot. That is when I decided to produce reels for actors.

The work displayed on this site is the result of a tight collaboration between the actor and myself.
I always take the time to explain the steps necessary to produce a personalized professional reel. The actor will also have my support to edit a text, a monologue or a short script, if needed.
Since I work only in real environments to maintain the authenticity of the scene, I also share with the actor the logistics of shooting on location. All this, is done before hands and is completely
free of charge. The price of each production is determined by the type of reel needed by the actor.

Your footage will be edited according to your needs and formatted as a QuickTime file that you can upload to any website or send to casting directors, agents, managers, film makers...

For a quote or more info you can contact me here.

  GĂ©rard Gentil